This is embarrassing, my webpage is under construction and will be finished soon. In short I offer industrial design services including.

  • Design consulting, discovering unique solutions for your challenge.
  • CAD services with DFMA and QC specification.
  • Prototype manufacturing with access to 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC and a full wood working workshop.

Below are samples of previous projects I have worked with and for any inquiries of how I can help your project you can reach me at hello@christianthams.com

Previous Projects


Bang & Olufsen Beocreate, a system to up-cycle vintage loudspeakers into modern active wireless loudspeakers.


Pippi, a personal project investigating how audio baby monitors can invoke emotions while using open-source hardware for technical feasability.


© 3D render of Pippi, a baby monitor concept, Christian Thams, 2022

Open-Source Ecosystem Toolkit

Danish Design Center, Open-Source Ecosystem Toolkit, an Open-Source Ecosystem Toolkit that was collaboratively developed to help businesses define, prioritize and either confirm or debunk the risks and opportunities related to opening up your hardware design.


Image of the Ecosystem Mapping tool for Open-Source businesses, DDC, CC BY-SA

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Christian Thams, an experienced industrial designer and member of Maker, brings a wealth of expertise from his work at IDEO, Bang & Olufsen, Danish Design Center, and other notable companies. With a passion for open-source and circular design solutions, is on a mission to create products that people love.


For more information or any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to: hello@christianthams.com